Carnival of the Green #158

My turn has at last come to host Treehugger’s famous Carnival of the Green. If you’re not familiar with COTG, it’s a weekly roundup of posts on green and ecological topics from bloggers all over the world. So, without further ado, here’s this week in the environmental blogosphere:

First, naturally, we have a lot of holiday tips. From Christmas lights to wrapping paper to plastic toys, Christmas offers a wide range of temptations to destroy your ecological footprint. Fortunately, there are plenty of bloggers out there telling us how to enjoy Christmas without ruining our green-ness. RecycleCindy of My Recycled Bags tells us how to avoid wasteful wrapping paper by crafting our own Christmas gift bags from recycled plastic bags. The Digerati Life gives us ways to trim energy costs at Christmas. Brighter Planet offers tips on how to save money and reduce carbon emissions during the holidays. And Sallie Kneidel of Veggie Revolution offers general tips for a green and energy-efficient holiday.

Holidays are all about family, and there are several posts this week for ecological families. Chris Baskind at Lighter Footstep gives advice on planning a family meeting to help green your family footprint, and Clara Myers offers ways to create a non-toxic green nursery for infants. And for those who don’t have children but work with them, Mariah of Gardenaut lists upcoming grants available for youth and community gardens. I’m sending this post to my neighbor, who runs a private school with a community garden. I’m sure they could make good use of a grant.

On the ever-useful topic of recycling, Jim of Bargaineering lists reasons to recycle. And Leila at Everyday Trash tells us some of her favorite uses for recycled elephant dung. Yes, you read that right. Elephant dung. That’s for all that excess elephant dung you have sitting around. For those of you with elephant pets, or those who live next to your neighborhood zoo.

Also in the category of strange and unusual submissions, Jose of EcoJoes discovered a Buddhist temple made entirely of recycled glass bottles. Over a million of them. I would love to visit this place. And I would love to see a church like this. Heck, I’d love to build a house like this. I wonder how well glass functions as an insulator?

But my absolute favorite post this week comes from Lisa of Condo Blues. She tells us what green gifts not to buy for Christmas in her post, Green Gifts that Suck. What does it say about me that some of these are on my wish list for Christmas? And some of the others are things I was planning on getting for others (till this post set me right)? Maybe I am a Greenzilla after all!

And there you have it–this week in the green blogosphere. Next week’s Carnival will be hosted by Lighter Footstep. Till then, have a green Christmas.